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Ultra 4 Europe

Ultra 4 Europe



Get up close to these formidable machines before they hit the track at SpeedMachine. 

Meet some true off-road racing hero’s and be a part of what they do. 


Ultra 4 Europe

Ultra 4 Racing the only International off-road race series in the world

Ultra 4 Europe proudly presents the European “BFG Goodrich King of” Championship consisting of 4 rounds across Central Europe and for 2018 we will race in France, Britain, Portugal and Germany. Each racer has the unique opportunity to be king of a country and then we crown the overall King of Europe. No terrain is too tough, No challenge to too big for the crews with their mighty 750bhp + Engines roaring across what we throw at them.

The Ultra 4 Racing series is a combination of Championships spanning the East and West Coast of USA, Australia, Shanghai and Central Europe.