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Hailing from Washington DC and influenced by his family roots in the American South, Christian has immersed himself in the art of cooking over the open fire.  Having originally been signed up to FoodTube by Jamie Oliver, Christian now presents his weekly show on the DJBBQ Channel

Christian is a man of many talents. Whether he’s dj-ing at Bill Gates’ latest Microsoft party or acting in feature films, Christian is not easily pinned down.

Christian is probably best known and respected as the presenter of his Channel 5 television series ‘RAD’ and ‘RAD The Groms Tour’ which ran for 10 years and won him and the channel their first BAFTA in the Best Entertainment category.  The Bafta currently takes pride of place in Christian’s downstairs loo!

His career in radio is no less impressive…his Kerrang! Radio evening show amassed a huge fanbase and Christian’s time at the station saw Kerrang! win Station of the Year twice.  His experience in radio broadcasting dates back to his first stint on air at London’s XFM and he’s  a regular DJ and host at major events such as Bestival, Ibiza Rocks Hotel, T In The Park, Reading Festival, V Festival, Download and Sonisphere.

Christian’s talents also extend to the world of gaming…Christian was heavily involved in the scripting and soundtrack of the hugely successful ‘Dirt 2’ racing game.  This has led to Christian actually playing a character in ‘Dirt 3’…